August 3rd, 2010

pretty gain

i say mew and you say moo

yes we like our fluffy cute little animal thingalings

The Super Junior As Animals Drabble!fest. Hamsters, puppies, kittens, penguins, lions, giraffes, anything, in any form of situation or problem or unavoidable circumstance or great and awful tragedy (like being deprived of bamboo).

Knock yourself out.

Inspired by warmboys ' EunHae as hamsters.

Drabble collection (thus far) 

Squirrels!EunHae with HanChul cameo and dinner problems by mawaru_berry 

Hamsters!EunHae with angst issues by warmboys  

Hamsters!EunHae with coffee spillage
by mawaru_berry 

Hamsters!EunHae with the exercise debate by catskilt 

Pandas!EunHae with the bamboo connection by catskilt 

Octopus!EunHae in the quest for food by sansmerci 

Cows!EunHae with other Suju cows at a cattle show by ky_rin

Dogs!YeWook in dazzling first encounters
by thundersquall 

Penguins!EunHae in the dissensions of a potential mate for life by catskilt 

Songbirds!YeWook with the beauty of eggs and mandarin ducks by thundersquall 

Chickadees!HanChul in the middle of a baldness-inducing thunderstorm by mawaru_berry 

Cats!HanChul with pick-up lines in dark alleyways by amaelamin_ 

Puppies!HyukChul and the issue of adoption by mawaru_berry 

Earthworm!Heechul and the pain in his backside by warmboys 

Koalas!QMi with the gender discovery and the rummaging of trees by sashimibaby 

Rats!HyukChul and the joys of miscommunication by badsnooki 

Mice!KyuHan and the violation of toast and cheese by mawaru_berry 

Hamster/Rabbit!HenWook and the size comparisons
by mawaru_berry