October 30th, 2010

pretty gain

[super junior] the island of nowhere

The Island of Nowhere by catskilt
eeteuk/kangin/heechul, with copious amounts of eunhyuk/donghae/kibum
pg; 15437 words
what was meant to be a quiet trip of self-recovery to a tiny, nondescript island in the mediterranean is overturned by noisy, bawdy fellow travellers (also apparently on the path to self-recovery) and unconventional cabin boys.

a huge thank you to amaelamin_, ky_rin, and wobaozhewo for the editing and hand-holding and cheerleading. the idea for this fic was partly inspired by a book title, the Chapel At The Edge Of The World, but is otherwise spun out of my unimaginative mind. please ignore all geographical and logical inaccuracies. written for troisbang.

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