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[eunhyuk/donghae] fair play (less fairness and more play)

fair play (less fairness and more play) by catskilt
nc-17; 2,444 words; one-shot
it's not an issue of turning each other on; it's an issue of turning each other on at concerts.
or, the fic whereby donghae and eunhyuk make a bet on who can turn each other on most. thank you nathy for the awesome prompt!

Fair Play (Less Fairness and More Play)

It all starts when Hyukjae, with clear malicious intent, kisses Donghae's ear during a performance of 'Shake It Up'.

It is malicious partly because they are performing at a concert and the last thing they want is to get sexually aroused, partly because Hyukjae is very well aware that kissing Donghae's ear is the quickest way to getting him sexually aroused, and partly because he sees the smirk in Hyukjae's eyes as he pulls back, that cocky bastard. Donghae just about manages to keep his surging emotions in check long enough to last until the end of the song, and by then Hyukjae is far and away at the other end of the stadium, so nobody notices anything amiss.

And then 'Rockstar' begins, and while Donghae is more than a little familiar with Hyukjae's nude body – we're all way too familiar with his body, Siwon points out, though that's a pretty thing for him to get all righteous about considering the main aim of his life is to run about half-naked – Hyukjae gives him that little smirk again when they're both at the centre stage before pulling off his shirt and Donghae very, very nearly combusts.

"I'm going to get you for this," he shouts at Hyukjae over the roar of the music.

Hyukjae just laughs obnoxiously. And maybe his eyes gleam a bit. "Come get me," he tosses over his shoulder before taking off in a mad run to the end stage. The hot concert lights catch onto the perspiration on his neck and shoulders and Donghae gulps, thinks, right, if that's the game we're gonna play.


"You're not getting any," he informs Hyukjae that night when they're lying in bed together and Hyukjae's hand creeps just a little too close to his inner thigh.

Hyukjae drops his hand in genuine, heartfelt shock. "What?!"

"I said, you're not getting any. Not after what you did today on stage."

"What did I do," Hyukjae wonders.

"You…you," Donghae splutters. "You tried to make me embarrass myself."

"That's not fair. I didn't do anything to you that the other members didn't do too."

"You did it deliberately."

Hyukjae slides a hand under Donghae's shirt, poking a finger teasingly into his buttonhole. "But you liked it, Donghae-ssi. I could see it in your eyes."

"Yeah, well," Donghae says. "My eyes have been known to lie a lot."

"Really?" Hyukjae asks all sort of smokily, dragging out the syllables like sweet morsels on his tongue, like he thinks he's some kind of seductive pornstar. He sneaks his hand under the band of Donghae's track pants and smirks again. "When you aren't wearing any underwear?"

"I don't like being restrained," Donghae says, trying to concentrate on breathing.

Hyukjae strokes his cock ever so gently, then moves his hand over the swell of his ass to slide a finger over his butt-crack. "Come on," he breathes, his eyes shining in the dark, and Donghae suddenly jumps.

"No!" he says again, pulling Hyukjae's hand out of his pants and slamming it down onto the mattress. "You are not getting any, and you won't get any until…until the next concert, and only then if you behave yourself!"

Hyukjae stares at him with an open mouth. "The next concert? But that's not until…"

"Precisely," Donghae says gleefully, though a part of him is beginning to doubt his ability to hold out until the next concert.

"Asshole," Hyukjae says sulkily, pulling up the blanket and tucking it around himself. "I'm going to get you at the next concert. Just you wait."

"Oh, and you think I don't know what turns you on too?"

Hyukjae does not deign to reply. He turns his back to Donghae and pretends to go to sleep instead.

Turnabout is fair play.


He's not so sure when, a few weeks later, they're again running around on stage singing songs with sappy lyrics and picking up all sorts of strange stuffed toys and trying to demonstrate to the fans how much they appreciate the support when Hyukjae appears behind him out of nowhere and grabs his ass.

It isn't a simple butt pat, or even a butt slap, or even a quick poke. It's a blatant, showy, come hither fistful of ass, and Donghae can't help the immediate yell of reaction. He turns around and catches hold of Hyukjae at the neck, and Hyukjae looks appropriately contrite if not for the evil glint in his eye.

"Your ass belongs to me," Hyukjae's evil eyes say.

Donghae sputters in disbelief.


Fine, he tells himself when they're backstage after the concert and Hyukjae looks way too smug for any average human tolerance. This is where I take over. Hah!


And it is his turn, indeed, with a vengeance at the next show. Hyukjae's chatting on about TGP's waffles and how good they taste when someone makes the clever observation that Hyukjae's abs look like waffles. Donghae can't really see the connection, but in that following split second a brilliant thought flashes into his mind, aided by several memories of Hyukjae gasping and moaning and gripping onto the bedsheets while Donghae licks a strip down his body. It is an incredibly brilliant thought. Donghae dashes across the stage to where Hyukjae's valiantly flexing his abs and bends over to rub his lips over them.

The reaction is instant. He doesn't know what it looks like on the screen, or what any of the fans in the mosh pits can see from their angles, but he hears only too clearly Hyukjae's sharp intake of breath. So he closes his eyes and sucks, not a lot, not too much, just lightly, teasingly, fleetingly, like a foretaste of glorious things to come, and when he glances up he sees Hyukjae laughing stupidly with eyes glazed over.

Donghae grins and grabs the next opportunity to lean in close and whisper into Hyukjae's ear, "I'll start licking from your jaw, I'll take time over your nipples, and then to your stomach, and I'll suck you off the way you…"

Hyukjae turns around to shove him away a little harder than necessary. "Asshole!"

"Open for you anytime," Donghae says, feeling proud of himself.

Hyukjae almost snarls and Donghae knows he's thanking all the mercies above at that moment that his pants are very loose.


They're somewhere in China.

"We aren't going to play tonight, right?" Hyukjae says. He actually looks hopeful.

Donghae does a quick glance around to make sure that everyone has left the dressing room for standby, then steps up close to Hyukjae to really, really invade his personal space. "But you like me playing with you, Lee Hyukjae," he whispers, and flicks his tongue outward to lick Hyukjae's bottom lip.

"Oh, fuck," Hyukjae moans. "You evil, wicked, conniving, manipulative bastard, I hate you, I hate you, I want to fuck you now."

Donghae pulls away with a laugh. "Not now!" he calls back merrily as he runs out of the room. "There's a whole concert ahead of us, Lee Hyukjae!"

He swears he hears Hyukjae scream.


Hyukjae likes wearing sleeveless tees with huge armholes. So huge, in fact, that they transcend the boundaries of arms and are more like body holes. He swears that it's because he likes having the breeze, but everyone knows it's because he's a shameless exhibitionist and just wants to show off how nicely toned his body is.

Donghae takes very full satisfaction in the knowledge that he is the only one who gets to touch that body any way he wants, any time he wants.

And now is the time.

Hyukjae just sort of crumples up when Donghae sticks his arm right through the armhole and strokes his abs – he was aiming for a light feathery touch, really, because nothing turns Hyukjae on faster than teasing touches, but it's hard to aim so accurately when you're in the midst of a concert and so he just strokes hard and Hyukjae tries at once to get away.

"Not so fast!" he shouts, gripping Hyukjae's shirt and pulling it tight against his chest. Pulls and pulls and pulls, while Hyukjae tries to scramble away, and he smiles thinking of all the times he has pulled Hyukjae's clothes off, piece by piece, like revealing something rare and beautiful.

Then Hyukjae takes advantage of his momentary distraction by kicking him hard on the ass.

"Ow," Donghae thinks, plummeting.

Hyukjae huffs and walks off.

Maybe he's doing himself a disservice.


It takes him about three seconds to corner Hyukjae in the very big, very nice handicapped toilet mere minutes after they come down from 'So I'.

"Are you planning on apologising?" Hyukjae asks haughtily, crossing his arms as Donghae checks and double-checks that the door is locked.

"Well," says Donghae, "I was planning on doing this, actually…" he drops to his knees and pushes Hyukjae's shirt up high enough to work his tongue into the buttonhole – damn him to all levels of hell for wearing such low-riding pants, seriously, who does he think he is, someone who actually has a butt? – and Hyukjae gasps.

"Are you trying to bribe your way out of…argh!"

"You have to admit," Donghae says, unzipping Hyukjae's pants, "that I offer pretty good bribes."

A long, lingering lick from Hyukjae's navel down to his cock is sufficient to get him hard, and Donghae shows his appreciation by running his tongue from base to head. Hyukjae groans, scrabbles to hold onto the sink. "Donghae," he says breathlessly, "you stupid, beautiful idiot, do you even know how I had to force myself from not jumping you on stage right then and there and fucking your brains out…"

"Mm," Donghae purrs. "I wouldn't have any problems with you fucking my brains out now."

He sucks hard on Hyukjae's cock once, twice, feels it thick and heavy on his tongue, then pulls back and gets to his feet. "Here," he says, pulling out a condom and a small tube of lube from his pants pocket. "I knew we'd be needing it."

"It's amazing how you can think of everything in this kind of situation when you usually don't think at all," Hyukjae says caustically, but his eyes glaze over again in that way Donghae's so familiar with when he pulls his pants to his ankles and leans over the sink.

"Come on, lube me up good."

It takes Hyukjae maybe a second to unwrap the condom, roll it into his cock, lube his fingers, and press one into Donghae's opening. He's expert at this, and Donghae has long since thrown away all inhibitions when Hyukjae's cock is that near his ass, and so preparation takes barely a minute before he's grunting, "Okay, okay, I'm good" and he feels Hyukjae shaking with desire as he positions himself and slides in, long and thick and harder than Donghae can remember him ever being before.

"Fuck," Hyukjae breathes, "fuck, you feel so fucking good, Donghae…"

He holds still in the initial moments, as he always does, presumably to let Donghae get used to the stretch, but his hands on Donghae's hips are trembling and Donghae smirks, rolls his hips slowly against Hyukjae's. "I'm not sure I can do this, you're too big today. Get out."

"What?" Hyukjae demands, lust apparently addling his usual good logic. "If you're going to skip out on me now, I swear I'll…"

Donghae rolls his hips again and laughs when he sees Hyukjae's face scrunch up in an effort not to move. "I'm just kidding," he says, bracing himself. "Fuck my brains out, Lee Hyukjae."

Hyukjae grips his hips and then they're off to the races, pushing and straining and falling into a rhythm that leaves Donghae breathless and gasping, reaching around to push Hyukjae more deeply into him. He dimly registers Hyukjae pulling him up and working a wet, open-mouthed kiss on his mouth, their bodies flush, breaths falling damp on each other's faces before Hyukjae is tonguing his jaw and throat and shoulder and nipping kisses along his arm.

"Donghae," Hyukjae says between hard breaths, his hand wrapping around Donghae's cock, "you're going to kill me one day…you really are, you fucker."

Donghae would answer, but his mind is somewhere up in the clouds at the moment, he can't really think of anything except Hyukjae, Hyukjae, crazy, sexy, amazing Hyukjae, who can take him to levels of sexual highs like this, who can tease and play and fuck and laugh like his life depends on it. Hyukjae's pumping him in time to his thrusts, deep and steady now, purposeful, and the pleasure runs red hot through his body, building up uncontrollably as he grinds into Hyukjae's hardness, pushing against his insides with all its heady aliveness, its hot, raw sex. "Hyukjae," he groans, "I need…I need to kiss you."

He pulls Hyukjae's head towards his and fastens their mouths together, kissing and kissing and kissing until Hyukjae needs to pull back for breath, mouth wet and eyes half-lidded, and Donghae sucks a bruise onto his neck because he simply doesn't know what else to do to bring them closer. Hyukjae thumbs the slit of his cock, slides straight against his prostate at that moment and then it's suddenly too much and he's coming with a scream, spilling over Hyukjae's fingers, shaking with the pure, stark, naked pleasure of the orgasm until exhaustion trembles its way into his thighs.

Hyukjae's gripping his hips harder, almost lifting him into the air with his thrusts, his mouth open and his head thrown back and Donghae watches him hazily in the mirror as his own climax hits him. And it feels so good, so very very good, so fucking good to see Hyukjae coming undone like this that it's really a pity, even though he doesn't think he can fuck one millisecond longer, that it's over when Hyukjae finally pulls out and he lets go of the sink and collapses onto the floor.

It takes them a while to collect themselves and get around to freshening up and removing evidence of their illicit tryst, but when they finally gain some semblance of order Donghae grins at Hyukjae. "So am I still an evil, conniving, etc.etc. bastard?"

"Yes," Hyukjae replies immediately. "But your ass makes up for your various shortcomings."

"You're the worst," Donghae says, and allows himself to be pulled in for a quick, soft, closed-mouth kiss.

"So we aren't playing anymore, right?" Hyukjae says, putting his hand on the doorknob. He looks hopeful.

Donghae laughs, full and loud, and decides to throw him a line. "We'll see," he says, and runs out to join the rest of the world.


Yes, so....


That is all.
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